Anti-fatigue footwear from uvex

Changes in shopping habits has seen dramatic growth in the warehousing and distribution industries. According to, in the UK, the average number of individuals employed by warehouse and storage facilities rose to 188,000 in 2017.

As you would expect, musculoskeletal disorders are higher than average in the warehouse and storage industry, an average rate of 1.9% (per 100,000 workers) compared to 1.2% across all industries.

These types of occupational health problems are often hard to spot, and symptoms difficult to manage as they take time to develop and the connection between the cause and effect is not always obvious. Musculoskeletal disorders are often the result of repetitive or heavy lifting, bending or twisting as well as walking on hard, unforgiving surfaces with poor cushioning within footwear.

The result, employees experience discomfort in the lower back, neck, shoulders, knees and lower legs which often leads to the early onset of fatigue. Fatigue contributes to performance impairment and employees are three times more likely to cause, or have, an accident in the workplace as their productivity dips over the course of the working day.

Modern safety footwear, can play a huge role in supporting the wearer in the workplace and mitigating fatigue. Providing better quality footwear with cushioning or multilayer shock absorption properties gives consistently better levels of individual musculoskeletal protection and fatigue.

The uvex 1 range is designed specifically for indoor environments such as warehousing and storage

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It’s ergonomically-designed, lightweight and flexible with a multi-layer shock absorption system that supports and cushions the natural movement of the entire body and helps reduce back and joint pain. The sole with excellent slip resistance is SRC rated and the pivot point eases pressure on joints when turning or twisting.

This benefits the worker’s health in terms of consistent musculoskeletal relief and reduced risk from trip hazards.

uvex 1 safety footwear designs have won numerous awards

Multi award winning design


Lightweight construction

A lower weight reduces the strain on the body and also reduces risk of injury and wear.

Shock absorption

100% more shock absorption

Multilayer shock absorption system comprising a double-layered PU outsole and comfort insole helps protect the musculoskeletal system.

Reliable safety

Reliable support and safety

External visible heel basket integrated in the sole ensures stability and sure-footedness. The ‘x-tended’ support offers additional sideways support.

Pressure-free design

Pressure-free, comfortable fit

Designed with breathable, synthetic materials and minimal seams to reduce the likelihood of pressure points, sores or blisters.

Key features and benefits:

✔ Specifically designed for indoor environments
✔ Ultra-light design
✔ Pivot point reduces pressure on joints when twisting and turning
✔ Metal-free toecap and midsole does not conduct heat or cold
✔ Impact absorption minimising back, knee and joint problems
✔ Elastic laces can be quickly adjusted, slipped on or off and expand and contract as your feet swell and cool throughout the day
✔ Mesh lining allows feet to breathe
✔ Sweat absorbing, quick-drying insole draws moisture away from foot

✔ uvex climazone technology regulates the internal temperature, reducing moisture build-up and improving product life, hygiene and comfort
✔ Virtually seam free design to eliminate pressure points
✔ Made from synthetic materials making shoes suitable for vegans and people allergic to chrome
✔ Heel support encases foot for greater stability without limiting flexibility
✔ Non-slip SRC rated sole
✔ Available in S1, S2 and penetration-resistant S3 versions

What our customers say

As with all PPE, you get what you pay for with safety footwear. Quality, durability and performance invariably influences the ‘cost in use argument’. Hidden costs to companies such as reduced fatigue, downtime and days lost due to musculoskeletal ailments not to mention employee wellbeing factors for consideration.

Don’t take our word for it, read our case studies from our customers to see how uvex helped solve wearer issues connected with poor quality footwear.