HexArmor and uvex: protecting people

Desde 2016, uvex se ha asociado con HexArmor, los líderes mundiales en EPIs para manos y cuerpo resistentes a cortes extremos, impactos y pinchazos de agujas. Las importantes sinergias entre las dos empresas crean un valor añadido tangible para nuestros clientes: juntos, uvex y HexArmor representan la confianza, la seguridad y la protección de las personas.

HexArmor se esfuerza continuamente por encontrar formas de redefinir los estándares de seguridad. Gracias a los avances en materiales, diseño y funcionalidad impulsados por los comentarios de los clientes del mundo real, HexArmor ha podido desarrollar, probar y perfeccionar sus productos en el día a . Estos desarrollos innovadores han cambiado la forma de ver los EPI de manos, brazos y cuerpo, dando como resultado guantes y protecciones corporales galardonados.

La gama de guantes especializados de HexArmor cuenta con una resistencia al corte, a la perforación y a la abrasión de primer nivel, todos ellos creados para una amplia variedad de riesgos y aplicaciones. No importa el tipo de trabajo (o el clima), tenemos los agarres, tejidos y materiales aplicables que superan las normas requeridas y le ayudan a mantenerse seguro. Los productos de alta calidad con los que los trabajadores se sienten bien se traducen en un mayor cumplimiento de las normas, lo que a su vez se traduce en menos lesiones y menos costes.


Chrome Series®

Guantes de riesgo mecánico construidos con la máxima destreza, durabilidad y resistencia a los cortes líder en la industria.

9000 Series™

Guantes de punto de alta destreza con recubrimiento en la palma de la mano con material de la marca SuperFabric® para una resistencia a los cortes y a la perforación industrial líder en la industria.

Arc Flash

Guantes diseñados pensando en el máximo confort, proporcionando una destreza insuperable y manteniendo la resistencia a cortes y pinchazos.


Los guantes sin costuras en una amplia variedad de tejidos y revestimientos proporcionan una excelente comodidad, agarre, abrasión y resistencia a los cortes.

Rig Lizard® Series 

Serie de guantes con una protección contra impactos líder en la industria con resistencia a los pinchazos, más de cinco opciones de agarre únicos y una sensación de agilidad.

PointGuard® Ultra     

La mayor protección contra pinchazos del mercado, junto con una resistencia a los cortes líder en el sector.

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Cut and puncture gloves

The toughest, most durable PPE on the market
Some workplaces require more protection – they demand the strongest, toughest, and most resilient safety gloves. Built to handle the most extreme occupational hazards, HexArmor® heavy-duty gloves are built from the inside out, with proprietary technologies that provide industry leading cut and industrial puncture resistance.

SuperFabric® brand materials are engineered to deflect and block everything from industrial puncture hazards as thick as a wood splinter, to a single wire strand from a steel braided cable. The spacing between the guard plates provides needed flexibility without sacrificing performance.

HexArmor® gloves, arm, and body protection made with SuperFabric® are engineered to arrest and deflect everything from industrial puncture hazards as jagged as a wood splinter, to a fine single wire strand from a steel braided cable. Small guard plate geometry traps and blocks the hazard, providing flexibility while preventing a puncture from reaching the skin, an event that could lead to a laceration.

Cut & puncture gloves

Needlestick resistance

HexArmor® needlestick-resistant products work by layering flexible SuperFabric® brand material over each other; providing superior performance without sacrificing dexterity. SuperFabric® guard plates either block and deflect or trap and arrest needle hazards in the small gaps found between guard plates, keeping workers safe from needlestick injuries.

The prevalence of needlestick punctures in the recycling and waste industries, as well as the emergency services is steadily increasing. Without proper protection, workers are susceptible to life-changing needlestick injuries that can lead to bloodborne pathogens, including hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.

SuperFabric® offers industry-defining needlestick protection. And, unlike most other needle-resistant technology, you don’t see a dip in other protective properties when you choose HexArmor PointGuard® products. HexArmor needlestick-resistant products also boast some of the highest cut resistance in the industry.

Needlestick resistance

High-flex impact protection

Not all impact gloves are created equal
Stay prepared and protected from impact, smash, and pinch hazards with the most advanced technology on the market. Tested and updated under the ISEA 138 impact protection guidelines, HexArmor’s lineup of impact-resistant products feature three proprietary technologies that are proven to reduce the number and effects of injuries during sudden impacts. These cutting-edge technologies swiftly absorb and redistribute energy away from the hand and fingers during an impact, while simultaneously offering more comfort and dexterity than any other impact-resistant technology on the market. Featured on several HexArmor® glove styles, this is the next generation of impact protection.

For additional impact protection, HexArmor offers Cellutek® impact technology. Made from a proprietary material, Cellutek® is a full back-of-hand impact protection system that’s sewn into the glove. The impact absorbing properties layered with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) impact material dampens blunt forces, dissipating the blow from the impact.

High-flex impact protection

Contact heat and Arc Flash protection

Gloves are a crucial piece of PPE for electrical workers and need to consist of high dielectric and physical strength, with flexibility and durability to mitigate the impact of an arc flash. The below gloves have been certified using the ANSI arcman test in accordance with ASTM F2675 and PPE selection standard NFPA 70E. The gloves are Categorised as Cat II Intermediate PPE under EU regulation 2016/245. These ratings are based on Hazard Risk Category (HRC) standards and the Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV). HRC is the safety standard that shows the minimum amount of PPE protection a worker needs based upon the potential exposure to a hazard, ranging from 0 to 4, with 4 being the highest risk. ATPV is the incident energy needed to cause a second-degree burn; this value is provided in calories per centimetre squared (cal/cm²).

Contact heat & Arc Flash protection

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