uvex pheos cx2 - Winners at work

All over the world, uvex products are helping to turn athletes into winners. Just like in the sporting world, working life constantly poses tough challenges for individuals and their equipment. To deliver maximum performance, you need to be able to rely on your equipment.

The innovative features of the uvex pheos cx2 have been designed to deliver first class performance and provide reliable protection. uvex has developed an injection moulding process which enables the ideal combination of hard and soft materials around the brow, nose and side arms that adapt to the wearer’s face; delivering ultimate fit for outstanding protection and comfort. This soft moulded X-tended eye shield and brow guard provides reliable protection against splash and particle ingress. The distinctive design and shape of the side arms together with the innovative X-Twist technology allows the uvex pheos cx2 to adapt to individual head widths providing a comfortable, non-slip fit, while the uvex pheos cx2 sonic provides protection from medium energy impact in an ultra-lightweight, compact goggle.

uvex pheos cx2 safety spectacles demonstrate excellent performance

Award winning design

Style meets comfort and safety meets design: The uvex pheos cx2 has received a number of awards for its exceptional combination of looks and function:

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Superior technology

Comfort in the name

The soft bridge and nose pieces directly moulded to the lens, as well as the X-Twist technology, ensure optimum wearer comfort and a secure fit. Slim arm geometry makes it easy to wear other forms of PPE. Comfort x 2 = uvex pheos cx2.

X-tended eye shield

Dependable protection

The soft components attached directly on to the lens, provide dependable protection from dust and water. The innovative uvex X-tended eye shield fits perfectly on the wearer’s face, ensuring a high level of wearer comfort and complete protection.

Pressure-free fit

X-Twist technology allows complete free movement of your head. The light spring effect of the side arm ensures the spectacles fit all head shapes ergonomically, combining a secure pressure free fit with maximum wearer comfort.

X-tended eye shield and brow guard

The uvex pheos cx2 performs superbly in a variety of tests that demonstrate the innovative features built into the sleek design of the frame. In a leak test, conducted with a proof solution, the X-tended eye shield and brow guard prevented any droplets from penetrating when sprayed from the front, as required by the standard, or from above or the side in accordance with the uvex standard. The result, ergonomic spectacles that offer even more protection and wearer comfort compared to the already bestselling and high-performing uvex pheos and uvex pheos s safety spectacles.

When sprayed directly with a reagent, the X-tended eye shield does not let a single droplet through – whether sprayed from the front (as per the standard), from above or laterally.

This confirms that the uvex pheos cx2 provides excellent protection from particle and liquid ingress.

Ergonomic fit on the face

The distance between the forehead and spectacles has been measured at four different points, confirming a snug and secure fit.

pheos range width comparisons

When one size doesn't fit all

The uvex pheos cx2 is the perfect complement to the uvex pheos and uvex pheos s ranges, helping to provide a universal solution for all wearers. The uvex pheos s small version is 8mm narrower than the standard width uvex pheos, making it ideal for those with smaller faces, and the uvex pheos cx2 sits in between the two frame sizes.

uvex lens coating technologies

Like all uvex's safety eyewear, the uvex pheos cx2 offers the ultimate in clear vision due to the uvex supravision excellent lens coating technology. Permanent anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens and extreme scratch resistance on the outside.

uvex believes in a fundamentally different protective coating process than our competitors – one that gives wearers permanent anti-fog that never washes off. After 20 washes and beyond, our coatings still perform, keeping your vision clean, safe and flawless.

uvex anti-fog coatings are permanent and stay effective even after repeated washing. The resistance to fogging is tested within the EN168 standard, which is optional for safety glasses. uvex anti-fog coatings exceed the 8 second EN norm to 14 seconds.

uvex pheos cx2 sonic goggles

uvex pheos cx2 sonic goggles

The uvex pheos cx2 sonic provides comfortable protection thanks to the soft forehead and nose piece that has been moulded directly onto the lens. These safety goggles can be easily combined with other items of PPE or worn under a faceshield thanks to their compact design. A soft textile headband ensures an excellent fit to protect you from spray and particle ingress.

  • Ultra-light compact wide-vision goggle (34g)
  • ​Lightweight comfort with clear field of vision​
  • Goggle impact rating - medium energy impacts up to 120m/s
  • Can be combined with other items of PPE or worn under a faceshield
  • ​Soft seal adapts to face contours for a customised, secure fit
  • ​Certified to protection standards 3, 4 and T​ 3= protection from liquids, 4= protection from coarse dust and T= tested at extreme temperatures
  • ​uvex supravision extreme: extremely scratch-resistant exterior, permanently anti-fog interior

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All models in the uvex pheos cx2 range provide reliable UVA, B and C protection up to 400mn and can be easily combined with other forms of PPE.

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